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The blessing of the church

Dear friends, supporters and interested people,

here comes a quick update: I have the great pleasure to announce my vision trip to Japan! It starts in April and the preparations are running at full speed. But more on that later in the newsletter – it’s worth subscribing to it! 😉 ).

This post is intended as a thank you to my church and as an encouragement to those who are considering belonging to my circle of supporters and friends.

Because recently I received the wonderful message of the mission team of our church, that they welcome my missionary thoughts and my commitment and that the church has my back – now I can also officially “advertise” my project in my small group, attach flyers to the information board, give business and prayer cards to people and tell them about my project (and maybe there are even more possibilities awaiting).

In any case, I am very grateful and it is so cool to experience God’s work on this exciting path and to be sure of the support and of my church and community!

“I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High.” – Psalms 9:2

Have a blessed spring time!



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