Nobody is an island. And so every mission trip is a form of teamwork. Not everyone can “go”, but has important tasks to do at home. Ideally, local missionaries also work for their own providing, as Paul had done.

Nevertheless, the support by local churches and friends is quite common and was also gratefully and humbly accepted by Paul.
After all, the friends from home want to have a share in what one of them experiences in the distance.
And so, generally, a circle of friends quickly forms, providing the urgently needed prayer support – because without prayer, nothing with eternity value happens.

That’s why the first request here is a call to join the praying friends.
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Finances as a ministry

Who even likes to talk about money? And yet just the right way to handle these means is a good thing and also welcome in God’s eyes. If it is on your mind to contribute to Japan and the missionary work there, there are several possibilities

– Donation by bank transfer to the sending mission organization. These donations are not deductible for tax purposes. Please always state as a donation purpose the following project number: ER 8267 (important: please do not use my name for security reasons!)

IBAN: NL85 INGB 0008 0427 00
Account Name: Stichting Arabische Wereld Zending Nederland

– Donation via online donation / PayPal on the website of the mission organization: Pioneers Europe
Please always state as purpose the following project number: ER 8267 (important: please do not use my name for security reasons)

Only until the end of May 2019:

– Donation by bank transfer to the VDM – the United German Missions Aid. These donations are tax deductible for German citizens and recognized by the tax office, but only meant for my planned short-term trip / vision trip for now. Please remember to add your address and the following reference/purpose: AC493000

KD-Bank Duisburg
IBAN: DE53 3506 0190 1011 8300 10