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The blessing of the church

Dear friends, supporters and interested people, here comes a quick update: I have the great pleasure to announce my vision trip to Japan! It starts in April and the preparations are running at full speed. But more on that later in the newsletter – it’s worth subscribing to it! 😉 ). This post is intended…

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Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます!

I wish all my friends, supporters and interested people that they had a good start in 2019 and much blessings are experienced in the following year! Exciting and challenging times lie ahead, but fortunately we are not alone in that,

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My trip to England

I spent the past weekend with many cool people in Ashbourne, England. You may rightly ask yourself: How does this have anything to do with the  idea of missions in Japan? Good question! The answer is simple: Through the internationally represented mission organization “Pioneers” I spontaneously got the opportunity to participate in the program “Mission…

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